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August 22, 2007

I've published over 30 articles about Space on my website, started (about) one hundred threads on Space forums and posted many hundreds comments on Space blogs, reaching (at least) 4000 posts and comments, then, last year, I've started my ghostNASA blog.

As explained in the Welcome post, ghostNASA was intented to be a sort of "virtual Space Agency" with a "virtual Chief" (me) and a "virtual Space program" but, despite I have had (and still have) many interesting ideas/decisions to publish, I've quickly realized that my effort was completely useless, since no one can run a (real or virtual) Space Agency without real funds... then, I've "freezed" the blog after few posts.

This month I've (finally) decided (and had time) to develop a new ghostNASA blog that is no more a "virtual Space Agency", but just a place to publish my opinions about Space with freedom and no risk to be censored talking of some true but "disliked" arguments...

Of course, I will always publish my articles with new ideas/proposals (about spaceships and spaceflights) on my website and open threads/post comments on forums and blogs to discuss about Space and Science.

So, watch this blog!

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