Three rules for the "NewSpace" industry
August 27, 2007

In his speech at the University of Alabama, Burt Rutan said that... "People like Paul Allen and Richard Branson have donated money to help the families".

This is (finally) a good news (hoping that their "donations" are adequate, not symbolic...)

However, the problem of NewSpace's safety still remains open.

Then, I suggest that these companies (or all governments) will establish (at least) three rules/laws for this new industry:

1. all employees' salaries must be adequate to the dangerous jobs they do,

2. all employees must be insured for an amount of money adequate to the dangerous jobs they do,

3. all tests must (always) be accomplished under the best aerospace-grade safety standards (no matter HOW MUCH they will cost).

Also, I think that, make laws to exclude any NewSpace companies' liability vs. (possible) suborbital passengers and pilots' accidents (to "boost" this new business) is a WRONG IDEA since that could be done ONLY for suborbital vehicles that outclass a number of aerospace-like safety tests made by an independent agency (like the FAA in USA).

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