Why the "Face on Mars" wasn't made by Aliens
September 3, 2007

Really, I can't believe how the "Face on Mars" is still used as an evidence of extraterrestrial/martian life and of ancient civilizations ...maybe, that could be due to the giant lack of better ET evidences in the ufologists' hands...

However, here is my opinion in six points about this "face" (from a comment I've posted time ago on CosmicLog).

1. the image is very far to resemble an human face (and we must be very optimist or use our best imagination to "see" it).

2. we will deeply investigate the day we'll land on Mars (of course) but, so far, it seems ONLY a mountain, NOT a "manufact", then, its shape is only a coincidence (like hundreds existing on earth).

3. assuming (just a second...) it's a face really made (e.g.) one billion years ago by an ET civilization (something like the Mount Rushmore National Memorial) it should have the face of the (one-billion-years-ago) MARTIANS and NOT of to-day's TERRESTRIALS.

4. the mountain (itself) has THIS face-shape from BILLIONS years, while, WE have our "current" (similar) face from just a few THOUSANDS years (the face of our forefathers was VERY different).

5. as a consequence, if it is the image of a terrestrial, the martians must have made this giant sculpture just a few thousands years ago (after a trip on Earth) and just a few thousands/hundreds years before their extinction... but, if that's true, where are the martians' cities, highways, airports, skyscrapers (etc.) lost after the extinction? (like the ones of Maya, Incas, etc.).

6. OUR (vague!) resemblance with the (one+ billions years old) Face on Mars is (ONLY) due to the fact that our evolution comes from MONKEYS, but, if the evolution of our (sometimes intelligent...) specie were from (e.g.) reptiles or cetaceans, now we should search a Lizard-shaped or a Dolphin-shaped Mars mountain... while the Face on Mars would be ONLY a very common Mars mountain, like hundreds others.

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