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J-2Y engine for the Ares-I
September 10, 2007

Since great part of the lower-than-necessary Ares-I power seems due to the J-2X, in my new article I suggest a simple and smart solution: develop a "super J-2X" (that I've called "J-2Y") with the SAME J-2 derived design, but a +20% RESIZED DIMENSION to have 352,800 lbs. of thrust vs. the (too low) J-2X 294,000 lbs. thrust.

Also, this "resized" engine, could be VERY USEFUL to develop a close-to-specs AresV that, as recent rumors say, seems have LESS power than necessary in its current design allowing to carry to LEO a payload 13 mT lower than planned.

The standard J-2X needs 6+ years to fly and an R&D "price" of over $1.2 billion but an advantage of this very long timeline is that (now) the J-2X design is in the early stages (maybe, it's just a CAD-software file...) so, the dimensions and thrust specs of the J-2X could be CHANGED just using the "resize all" command of the CAD software... :) ...that quickly and without any additional R&D funds!

I do believe that the J-2X design CAN be (quickly) changed NOW (to develop the more powerful J-2Y) but, if that can't be done, or, simply, NASA don't want to do it, I suggest a second (fast, easy and cheap) option to increase the 2nd stage thrust and allow the Ares-I to match the Orion's mass: add two+ RL10B-2 engines to the main J-2X.

These options offer to the NASA engineers (at least) SEVEN different choices to design a BETTER Ares-I able to match (and launch!) the Orion ... read the full J-2Y article >>

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