Hey Google, the Moonrovers Prize was MY idea!!!
September 14, 2007

The "new" Google/X-Prize Lunar X Prize is a very interesting competition, BUT it's NOT a Google OR X-Prize "idea" since I've FIRST proposed this idea about TWO YEARS AGO in MY (Oct. 16, 2005) Vision for Moonrovers Exploration article and in MY (Nov. 10, 2005) moonrovers prize specific Moonrovers Prize Competition article!!!

Of course, in the SAME days (and continuosly in latest two years!) I've proposed MY ideas of moonrovers exploration and moonrovers prize opening threads (like this and this) and writing several HUNDREDS posts on MANY Space forums and blogs around the world (uplink.space.com, Florida Today's The Flame Trench, Orlando Sentinel's The Write Stuff, Universe Today, New Mars, CosmicLog, HobbySpace, Segway Chat, etc. etc. etc.) REGULARLY read EVERY DAY by nearly ALL peoples in the space community or involved in official (NASA, ESA, aerospace companies, etc.) and private Space projects/prizes!!!

After (in December 2007) it was hacked uplink.space has changed (in March 2008) the forum platform used and the thread URLs, so, I've changed the link to my thread about the Moonrovers (now in red) also, it seems that all posts lack my signatures and links.

Now that Space.com has restored the old uplink.space forums in read-only mode you can read here the original "VME - Vision for Moonrovers' Exploration vs. (old) VSE" thread.

[June 14, 2009 update] Just today, I've discovered that Space.com has discontinued forever the old uplink.space forum and [worst] it has, also, DELETED and CENSORED about 1000 of my 1600+ posts there! Fortunately, I've saved on my computer ALL my uplink's threads and posts and I'll publish them soon on this space blog. [end update]

Then, in latest two years, MY moonrovers exploration and PRIZE articles on my website, have received THOUSANDS visits and that figure should be multiplied by TEN+ including the peoples who have read about MY idea on the most important forums and blogs of the planet, since they have thousands times more visits than my website, of course.

A few months ago, I've also proposed to Google (on several Space forums and blogs, like TheSpaceport, New Mars, Groups.Google.Space, the italian official Google Blog, etc.) to develop a sort of (GoogleEarth-like) "GoogleMoon" buying the detailed maps of the lunar surface of the (soon to be launched) chinese lunar probe.

Then, now (TWO years after MY moonrovers' articles) Google and the X-Prize foundation have "invented" the "Lunar X Prize" competition... :( ...how do you call this???

Maybe... they have NEVER read the most important Space forums and blogs... or... they have "invented" this prize just a few days after the Apollo 11 landing in 1969... :(

[update] When I've published my Moonrovers Prize article I've opened many threads and posted comments on several space forums and blogs and I've (also) sent DOZENS emails to space websites, newspapers and big companies ...including Google!!!

In my archive I've found this mail sent to Google over 20 MONTHS AGO in Dec. 5, 2005:

Of course, I've not only this image, but also the full email file. No one of the six email address used to send this mail has given any "mail delivery error" or "not read" messages and two of them have sent a reply:

[update] They've no shame!!! Found on the """Google""" Lunar X Prize website: "If you have a prize idea that you think fits into the mold of an X PRIZE, you can submit your idea here! Our Prize Development staff will review your concepts and if they need more information, will get in contact with you." Don't miss this gold opportunity!!! You can trust on Google guys!!! The best thing could happen to you will be the same already happened to me... :(

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