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Many Moons around the Earth
November 20, 2007

We have been not lucky about Earth's satellites... the only moon we have is just a small rock without any atmosphere, water, methane, lakes, volcanos, etc. while, almost all the most interesting moons orbit around Jupiter and Saturn.

Maybe someday we will go around Jupiter and Saturn, land on their moons and explore them... but... just imagine if some of their moons would be OUR satellites... and that we can see them every day while the Earth runs... well, here you can see the image of the "new moons" (from Space) in a Flash animation.

From left to right... Europa, Io, Ganymede, our Moon, Enceladus and Callisto.

Of course, so many (and so big) satellites could have dramatic effects on Earth's orbit, its tides and the planet's life, but only if these "new moons" would be "moved" NOW from their current orbit here, while, if many moons had born around a planet billions years ago while its solar system borns (like could be happened in the planet systems of other stars) every possible life form should be "adapted" by evolution to live under these conditions.

This second (static) image has only four moons, but seen from Earth in the sky of a city.


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