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Space.com and uplink.space.com HACKED
December 23, 2007

To-day (around 01:30 pm Italy's time) I've found that space.com and uplink.space.com was hacked by "Body" and, frankly, I'm not sorry of that... :) ...since its space forum is only a small web-lobby of self-defined "experts" that talk (about 90% of their time) about boring and repetitive arguments carefully avoiding any "disliked" topic about the NASA and ESAS problems or the aerospace/new.space companies, insulting peoples that can't reply on it, calling "spammer" or "troll" those who write documented and rational articles about arguments that big companies and space agencies don't like (then banning anyone that is not servant to their "rules") while supporting daily the (FAST-SLV-like but FOUR months LATER) "Direct" hobby/lobby DEAD-concept/website and accepting in the forum's threads SEVERAL HUNDREDS links to its (competitor???) DIRECTspaceflig... sorry... NASAspaceflight.com forum... :(

Unfortunately, that hacking will not damage uplink.space, but is only a GIFT that could give some "fresh popularity" to a falling-quality (and falling-visits?) spaceforum... :(

PS - I don't write this article to "help" them on that, but only to critic their bad forum!

[update] after hacked, uplink.space has changed (in March 2008) its forum's platform and its URL, that now is: http://www.space.com/common/community/forums/



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