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ESAS moon missions' architecture CHANGED
December 25, 2007

21 MONTHS ago, I've published the article Great part of the VSE moon missions may fail where I've explained in detail WHY the moon missions may fail with the ESAS 1.5 launch architecture, then, I've started several discussions about this problem on Space forums and blogs (like this on the BAUT forum).

And now (21 months AFTER my article) NASA admits (but not acknowledge me...) that a problem exists!

That's why NASA has changed the ESAS moon missions' architecture to launch the Orion with the Ares-1 BEFORE the Ares-5.

It's a BIG CHANGE, a "180° turn" in the ESAS architecture but, again, they have lost 21 months to do that... :(

So, why they don't simply adopt my suggestions (since they READ my website and blog) saving very much time and money? ... :) :) :)

The money saving is not in the rockets, but in the missions; with the past architecture a failed mission due to "sum of delays" of the second launch (Ares-1) means losing a very expensive Ares-5 and Altair/LSAM, while, with the new architecture only a less expensive Ares-1 could be lost if the Ares-5 launch will abort, then, the newly designed ESAS moon missions' architecture could save GIANT amounts of time and money!

Two further advantages could be if ALL moon missions will start from the 51.6' ISS orbit rather than the 28.5' lunar orbit:

1. the ISS could be used as safe haven if something goes wrong (like with Shuttles) and

2. the aborted lunar missions could be changed to an ISS crew rotation mission saving LOTS of money!

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