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The underside-LAS-like NASA "MLAS"
January 9, 2008

About ONE YEAR ago I've proposed MY idea of newLAS in this (february 10, 2007) "underside-LAS" article then, I've posted my suggestion on several Space forums and blogs.

As you can read in my article, the "underside-LAS" design has many advantages vs. the old, standard, "Apollo-like" tower-LAS since my LAS is SIMPLER, LIGHTER and VERY MUCH SAFER.

Then, in december 2007, NASA has proposed the "MLAS"
Max Launch Abort System) as a possible tower-LAS alternative, and (of course...) they say that have "invented" it in 2006... but there is NO "MLAS" in the ESAS plan, nor any PUBLIC evidence of it, nor any 2006 news, nor any 2006 article, nor any pdf document on the NASA websites... NOTHING.

It seems there is only a sketch on a napkin hand-made by Mr. Griffin in 2006 (a fact that could be easy to evidence, doing the "carbon-14" test to the Griffin's napkin...) of an SM "SIDE-LAS" (something like the Kliper's SIDE-LAS) that's (also) a
VERY BAD IDEA since it needs TWO times the propellents (and has TWO times the weight) of a tower-LAS and over THREE times the propellents (with THREE times the weight!) of MY "underside-LAS".

Words like "invented it before", "developed internally", "already thought", etc. (said months or years
AFTER my articles...) are going to be a classic with my ideas... :)

But, what's really curious and funny, is that LOTS of "experts" have written critics and insults against me in the past months, explaining "how much" and "why" my new idea of LAS was (clearly) not feasible nor a good engineering choice, bad, heavy, etc. etc. etc. while, NOW that a similar idea (but NOT SO GOOD like MY idea
!) is proposed by NASA, everybody take it seriously ...or are silent... :)

However, they should (at least) call this study the "Marano Launch Abort System". :)


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