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From Yahoo to Space
February 9, 2008

Everybody knows the Microsoft $44.6 billion bid to buy Yahoo that, if will succeed may give a giant amount of money to the Yahoo's founders: $1.6 billion to Jerry Yang and $2.4 billion to David Filo for a total of $4 billion!

If they'll lose the battle against Microsoft, they'll go out from Yahoo but will have enough money to start something new in the websphere and/or in other business.

However, I've a suggestion to Filo & Yang... start now (also) your New.Space company!

Years ago, the Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen has invested $10M for the development of the Scaled Composites' SpaceShipOne suborbital plane that won the Ansari X Prize.

The Virgin's owner Richard Branson has invested $250M for the development of the new suborbital plane SpaceShipTwo and his "space travels agency" Virgin Galactic.

The hotel entrepreneur and billionaire Robert Bigelow has already launched in orbit (with russian rockets) two scale-models "inflatable modules" (Genesis-I and Genesis-II) while his new.space company Bigelow Aerospace is developing bigger full-scale modules and a "space hotel" to be launched in earth orbit around 2011, also, he has signed a deal with Lockheed Martin to man-rate the Atlas V to carry manned capsules with tourists that fly to/from his space-hotel(s) then he offers up to $760M to the first private company that will be able to carry eight manned spacecrafts to his upcoming space-hotel.

The PayPal's inventor Elon Musk has invested over $100M (of the $600 million he earned from selling PayPal to eBay) to start the new.space company SpaceX and to develop the Falcon-1 rocket, also, last year his new.space company has been the first winner of the NASA competition for COTS.

Without any large publicity, also the Amazon's founder and chief Jeff Bezos has invested an unknow amount of million$ to start his (mysterious) space company Blue Origin whose main goal seems be to develop a DC-X like suborbital vehicle called New Shepard.

Then, last year, Google has """invented""" ... :( ... its """original""" $30M Lunar X Prize.

Since Branson and Musk have started their own new.space companies with investments in the range of hundreds million$, then, Filo & Yang, with their $4 billion cash, should be able to start a NASA 2.0 !!! ...or just buy the existing NASA... :) ...that could be not so "expensive" since, the real value of NASA comes from the BRAINS of its engineers and scientists, while, its realty & hardware assets (the VAB, its research centers, all launch pads, etc.) may worth (probably) less than $500M.

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