First Look at the 10 m. fairing + 3 standard SRBs Ares 5+
June 26, 2008

Again... I was RIGHT about the Ares-5 but (again) NASA has not made the right choice!

TWO YEARS AGO (I repeat, TWO YEARS AGO!) in this article and EIGHT MONTHS AGO in this ghostNASA post I've said that the (current) Ares-5 has an underpowered design and (again, TWO YEARS AGO!!!) I've suggested a better, faster and cheaper solution:

NASA Ares-5:  5.5 + 5.5 = 11 segments  vs.  MY SuperSLV:  4 + 4 + 4 = 12 segments


So... WHY did NASA engineers have LOST OVER TWO YEARS around a WRONG DESIGN while they can (simply) get the BEST DESIGNS on my website and blog ??? ... :) :) :)

The image below shows how the 10 m. fairing + 3 standard SRBs Ares 5+ should look:



The number of core stage's RS-68 engines of the Ares 5+ could be three or four or five.

I evaluate that, this kind of rocket, should lift up to 160 mT to LEO and launch up to 75 mT at TLI, also, the 12th SRB's segment adds just 140 mT to the 3.460+ mT GLOW of the (latest design) twin 5.5 segments SRBs' Ares-5, and, since the Ares 5+ core stage tanks will be fueled at the launch pad (like the Shuttle's ET) its dry mass should be low enough to be easily moved with the standard Shuttles' Mobile Launcher Platform modified to hold the new Ares' 10 m. core stage and three standard 4-segments SRBs.

About the reasons why the standard 4-segments SRB are better and cheaper than every new 5/5.5/6 segments SRBs and why use three of them could add lots of power and very while saving GIANT AMOUNTS of TIME and MONEY there are deep explanations in many articles on my website and on this blog, so, I don't repeat again the same concepts here.


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