The 15 m. fairing/2nd stage/EDS Ares 33
August 16, 2008

As a better derivation of MY concept of 10 m. fairing + 3 standard SRBs Ares 5+ we can imagine a 15 m. fairing/2nd stage/EDS "Ares 33" ("33" since built around "3" standard 4-segments SRBs and "3" RS-68s) or "Ares 5++" as shown below.



MY new "Ares 33" concept has several advantages vs. (both) the 10 m. fairing AresV and (MY) 10 m. fairing Ares 5+ since this new concept allows:

1. to best fit in the standard KSC's VAB for assembly without any major (and expensive) changes or upgrades!

2. to use the SAME (smaller) launch pads of the Ares-1 with a further money saving!

3. to INCREASE the ASTRONAUTS' SAFETY and REDUCE the LOM/LOC risks!!!!! That since, with TWO launch pads (BOTH) able to launch the crew OR cargo rockets, there is NO RISK that a lunar mission will FAIL (or a crew will DIE!) because one of these launch pads will be damaged (maybe, due to an aborted launch) and needs TOO MUCH TIME to be repaired and used again to launch a second Ares-5 or a rescueOrion BEFORE the Orion's LIFE SUPPORT TIME will become too low to start a lunar mission or (worst) too low to save the astronauts!

4. to solve some (but not all) the current design's Altair safety and stability issues, as explained in this article!

5. to have the SAME (giant) SAVING of R&D time and money and hadware costs of MY Ares 5+ concept!


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