IT'S SHAMEFUL !!!!!!!!!! 

Just read this article and this .pdf document about the ""ESA"" and ""EADS Astrium"" ArianeX and Lunar Space Station... it's a point by point, idea by idea, architecture by architecture, drawing by drawing, operation by operation, proposal by proposal, detail by detail, concept by concept, strategy by strategy, advantage by advantage, mass by mass, docking by docking, safety by safety, exploration by exploration, cooperation by cooperation, rocket by rocket, vehicle by vehicle, module by module, launch by launch XEROX COPY of MY (TWO+ years old) Ariane X and Lunar Space Station articles!!!!!!

Have they fired their engineers? Did they find "their" "original" ideas on the web?

WHY did BIG companies NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE the SOMEBODY ELSE IDEAS? NOT even when these ideas are already published everywhere from over TWO years?

WHY did they always write very long lists of "credits" and copyright notices (with sources and authors' names!) at the end of their documents (when talking about big companies and space agencies of course) while they NEVER do the same with MY articles ALWAYS published WITH the "Copyright © Gaetano Marano" notice???

First Look at the European Lunar Exploration Architecture
August 30, 2008

28 MONTHS AGO in MY "Europe on the Moon with the ArianeX" (May 27, 2006) article (and, in the same days, also in dozens posts on several Space forums and blogs of the world, mainly in USA, France, UK and Germany) I've suggested to develop and build a bigger version (called "ArianeX") of the successfull European launcher Ariane5, able to carry (at least) 80+ mT of payload+EDS to LEO.

Then, 25 MONTHS AFTER MY "ArianeX" ARTICLE in July 7-8, 2008 (then revealed few days ago) at the Space Exploration Architecture Workshop the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Ariane5's manufacturer EADS Astrium have proposed "THEIR" Space and Lunar Missions Vehicles and Exploration Architecture, based on a new 50 mT payload version of the successful Ariane5 launcher.

Despite this new Ariane5 Heavy launcher is smaller and less performant of the ArianeX suggested in my article, it's 50 mT payload is large enough to design different kind of orbital missions and (also) a LUNAR mission using MY proposal of Multiple Launches Architecture (MLA) as explained in the SAME ArianeX article published TWO YEARS AGO on my website... :)

Here the slide of the new 50 mT payload Ariane5 Heavy ripped from this ESA document:

And this is a slide of the ESA/EADS-Astrium "ORIGINAL" Multiple Launches Architecture:

Please note that, "THEIR" Lunar Missions' Multiple Launches ("ORIGINAL") Architecture, will include also an LLO Orbital Infrastructure that looks (and actually IS) pretty close to MY idea of Lunar Space Station, suggested 27 MONTHS AGO in MY (June 5, 2006) "SAVE the astronauts' LIFE with the LSS" article, where you can find this concept image:

In the same LLO infrastructure's slide, ESA and EADS Astrium write that, "THEIR" lunar orbit modules, may "support LLO missions" (as suggested in MY two-years-old article) and "bring cooperation opportunities with NASA architecture" again... as suggested TWO YEARS AGO in my LSS article where I say that: "if NASA converts its "proprietary" VSE plan to an "international VSE plan" with all LSS modules/hardware built by ESA (that has over 10 years of experience with the ISS and an excellent technology!) and the full manufacturing & launch costs paid with ESA (extra) funds, also, all modules may have the hatches for to-day's and future spacecrafts built in Russia and China to accomplish many international moon-exploration/re-supply/rescue missions..." etc.

In the same .pdf document, the ESA/EADS Astrium's "ORIGINAL" space exploration plan, shows also the concept of a (possible) Lunar Lander, that looks like a smaller Altair and "seems" use (see the ascent stage's top) the same Orion/Altair's LIDS docking port that may allow several kind of multi-vehicles, multi-roles, multi-countries, orbital/lunar/rescue missions, as suggested (again...) TWO YEARS AGO in this OLD ghostNASA blog's post.

But the "ORIGINAL" ESA/EADS-Astrium study adopts many other GOOD IDEAS that I've already suggested TWO YEARS AGO in my articles about the NASA Orion, like a LOI/TEI capable Service Module (suggested in my "CorkScrewOrion or SwissKnifeOrion?" article) and a 4-seats "Soyuz-shaped" capsule for 4 astronauts orbital/lunar missions, suggested in my "EggCEV - The "bell-shaped" Orion" and "How to design a lighter Orion" articles.

Of course, I'm happy to see, that (finally) also the european countries, (may) have, their own "european ESAS plan" and that, "their" lunar exploration, architecture and vehicles, looks (and works) pretty close to MY ideas, concepts, spacecrafts and architectures... but (sadly) I am unhappy to see and discover (again and again!) that (nearly) all peoples are unable to acknowledge the true author of the ideas, not even when, that ideas, was published (and disseminated) on the web over two years ago, and discussed by its author on dozens Space forums and blogs of the world!!!!!

Last... I wish to remark what is just a curiosity found while reading again my "ArianeX" article (written 28 MONTHS ago!) where, in the early lines of text, I ask to myself: "But, if the European countries and governments will become brave... can they (we) start a manned space program to Earth orbit, moon, mars and beyond?"...and, my answer to myself was... "Yes, we can!"... then... over TWO YEARS ago... I've already used (but not invented for first) the successfull Barack Obama's slogan... :)

[update] More images and data about the ESA/EADS-Astrium, NASA and Japan's JAXA lunar landers, exploration architectures, CSTS european capsule and lunar space station concepts in several Hyperbola blog posts, here, here, here, here, here, here and here, also, you can find good news and info about the ESA Space Exploration Strategy here.

All Lunar Exploration Architecture study images are © ESA and EADS-Astrium.

If you talk/discuss about this idea on forums, blogs, websites, magazines, newspapers
please acknowledge the source of the idea, putting a link to my article. Thank You.

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