STOP the Hubble Servicing Mission 4 now!!!
September 25, 2008

STOP the Hubble Servicing Mission 4 now!!!

It's TOO dangerous!!!

There's NO "ISS safe haven" near the Hubble!!!

Do you want TWO Shuttles and 11 astronauts LOST in space???

It could be THE END of the Shuttle program and (perhaps) THE END of ALL manned Space programs for a LONG LONG time!!!

There are SEVERAL (and much safer!!!) ways to upgrade the Hubble, WITHOUT risk to
lose 11 astronauts
LIVES and make 10 widow(er)s and 23 orphans!!!

Please consider, that, MANY (new and upgraded) Earth-based telescopes will give us soon the SAME or BETTER scientific results than an upgraded Hubble!!!

So, the "advantages" of the SM4 are nearly ZERO!!!

In other words, they will risk their lives for NOTHING!!!

  Mission accomplished !!!  

  STS-125 Hubble SM4 flight slipped to 2009 !!!   

[update] Just four days after having started my campaign against the risky SM4 (on this blog and wherever possible with dozens threads, posts and comments on space and non-space forums and blogs and several emails sent to the Press) the Shuttle mission STS-125 and the SM4 has been delayed to February 2009 or later... :)

Of course, the SM4 delay wasn't decided thanks to my campaign on the web... :) :) :)

...but it was thanks to the Hubble Control Unit/Science Data Formatter that ENDED to work EXACTLY four days AFTER this ghostNASA article and DOZENS comments I've posted EVERYWHERE on the web (with several emails sent to the Press) to support my campaign to "STOP the SM4" (and after dozens visits of an "important space agengy" to my blog...) after 18 YEARS, 5 MONTHS and 4 DAYS of CONTINUOUS and PERFECT work of this computer system... :) :) :)

Ok, I did not want any medal for that... :) but I STILL suggest them to STOP FOREVER the SM4 since it's TOO DANGEROUS and completely USELESS!!!

[update] The collision between two satellites on Feb. 10 could make the Shuttle mission to fix the Hubble Space Telescope too risky to attempt.



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