Odyssey Moon WINS the Odyssey Moon Lunar X Prize
November 25, 2008

This is just the "reprint" of my posts from this forum's thread started in Sep. 25, 2008.

Might Odissey Moon be the Google's expected, preferred, designed, "The Chosen" and (maybe) "funded" GLXP team to WIN the prize? ...with ALL other GLXP teams that just play the "sparring partners" role?

Reading the news about the GLXP teams, my true impression is that Odissey-Moon has several "advantages" over all other teams and will be the winner, then, it will give all rights on the lunar images to Google... with a "chosen to win" team, Google doesn't risk that a GLXP team may/will sell its knowledge to a competitor, like (e.g.) Microsoft... :)

Only Odissey-Moon has some former (and experienced) NASA employees inside it that's why it should be the winner team.

Just five weeks after my doubts (and my posts on a Space Fellowship Forum's thread) this news confirms ALL my suspects about the """Google""" Lunar X Prize correctness, so (clearly) ALL other GLXP teams are definitely the Odyssey Moon's "sparring partners"... and just remember that Google has several agreements with NASA and (also) has rented for long time a NASA building and the space to build another in two NASA space centers!

This kind of join venture means that Google (or a small and, maybe, also non-american GLXP team) CAN'T "compete" with NASA in the lunar exploration, landing a rover on the Moon BEFORE the US space agency and WITHOUT its logo, as I've already predicted in my ghostNASA articles and in several space forums/blogs posts, over one year ago... :)

The REAL value of the GIANT advantage that only Odyssey Moon will have, ISN'T the use of NASA hardware, materials, instrument, test machines, etc. but the FREE NASA's KNOW-HOW (that is PRICELESS) so, if (e.g.) they'll use $2M of NASA "things" and pay a $2M "remboursement", it will NEVER be the "right price" for the REAL VALUE of the know-how they'll receive developing a lunar rover in the SAME labs, with the SAME tools and side-by-side with the SAME engineers that have already developed landers, probes and rovers like Sojurner, Spirit, Opportunity, Cassini, Phoenix, etc.!!!

The US government have paid hundreds billion$$$ over the last 50 years to "build" the NASA's know-how about spacecrafts, spaceflights, space probes, Mars rovers, landers, procedures, materials, software, etc. and now... NASA will give away its valuable and unique space-know-how to Odyssey Moon (and ONLY to Odyssey Moon) FOR FREE!

It's a $500+ million SUPERGIFT that Odyssey Moon NEVER can pay!

Surely Odyssey Moon can't "pay" the NASA's know-how just "reimbursing" the nuts and bolts (or the electricity...) they'll use developing its rover in the NASA space centers!!!

What's really incredible is that no one of the other GLXP sparring-partners teams did not PROTEST for the GALACTIC advantage that NASA and Google are giving to Odyssey "The Chosen" Moon, or, at least, ask them to have the SAME advantages, develop their rovers in the SAME space centers and use the SAME know-how the NASA engineers will give to Odyssey "The Chosen" Moon!!!

Last, I've read in the comment to a news that, also the GLXP rules prohibits to all these "independent" teams to receive help, money and know-how from government agencies!

Also, the Odyssey Moonís prime contractor is MDA a leader in providing robotics on the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, and more recently for satellite servicing and planetary exploration.

In this CosmicLog post you can find more info about the NASA/Google/Odyssey Moon agreement/help.

Just read this "The MoonOne lander will be adapted from a nifty bit of hardware being cultivated at NASA Ames - the Common Spacecraft Bus. - Iíve seen this equipment myself and a dedicated team at Ames has been working diligently on this multi-purpose gear, all made possible by Ames leader, Pete Worden." ripped from this article.

Odyssey Moon will have a "ready to eat" dish from NASA Ames center saving decades of research and hundreds millions of dollars!!!

An euphemism to say that (only) Odyssey Moon has 99% of chances to win the prize thanks to strong Google support, lots of money, NASA's engineers and contractors inside it and the Odyssey/NASA agreement to use the Ames center know-how and hardware!!!

Then, ALL other GLXP teams have nearly ZERO chances to win, since, thanks to NASA help, Odyssey Moon will be able to land a rover on the moon when ALL other teams will STILL be at the "RC-cars level"... a true "honest" and "fair" competition, like Google...

True "private companies prize" should NOT have any financial or know-how help from space agencies, aerospace companies and governments!!!

Also, I doubt that, countries like China or India or Japan (that can accoplish this mission with their own technology) will ever join the GLXP or help the US teams to win the prize.

Latest news say, that, also the Senior LEGO Director Lewis Pinault joined Odyssey Moon.

In this article, we read that... "He serves on the European Space Agency's Visionary Industry Group Committee." ...then, with the support of NASA, Google and (now) an ESA official, the (former) "Google Lunar X Prize" ultimately become the "Odyssey Moon [own] Lunar X Prize" or "OMLXP".

Only Odyssey Moon can hire NASA/ESA engineers and can do this kind of agreement with NASA since only Odyssey Moon has enough money to do that, and only Odyssey Moon can find this money since it's (clearly) supported (and, maybe, funded) by Google!

However, assuming all teams will get the same agreement with NASA and ESA (to take advantage of their know-how and hardware) can we still call it an "X Prize", or we must call it a "NASA/ESA/government project"???

Where's the difference between Spirit and Opportunity and the GLXP rovers, if 90% of the know-how and technology used to build and launch them come from NASA ad ESA?

Or (maybe) is this "privately funded lunar prize" just a "GLXP government bailout"?

In the rendering below, you can see that Odyssey Moon has already adapted its lunar OMLXP lander design to the (US taxpayers' hundreds million$ funded, NASA engineers developed and ready to use, but nearly FREE for Odyssey Moon) standard lander design!



The rendered Odyssey Moon's lander come from this X Prize's The Launch Pad blog post.

In the mean time... ALL other "sparring partners OMLXP teams", STILL play with their "Christmas' toys RC-model lunar rovers"... :)


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