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from August 16, 2009

I hope, that, Barack Obama (and his White House's experts) will NOT believe in what the Augustine Commission will say them, since...

First of all, the Augustine Commission hasn't really examined ALL the proposals received!

I've sent them a dozen emails and links without receive just ONE answer or feedback!

That, despite, I'm very active in talking about Space from four years, I've a website and a space blog that are regularly visited by space agencies and aerospace companies, I've contributed to several space and science forums and blogs with at least 8000 posts (so far) in four years, I've developed and published dozens suggestion, about Space, ESAS and Constellation, and, despite, the rocket that will likely be used by NASA (when the Ares-1 and Ares-5 will be deleted, due to their too high costs) could be one of which I've designed and published the concept 3.5 years ago as you can read here.

I'm not alone in saying that, since, on the HSF Facebook Wall page, other have claimed to have send documents and suggestions, that was NEVER taken in consideration by the HSF Committee nor published in the HSF .pdf documents page!

Since I've NOT received answer to my email to the HSF I've posted many ideas, opinions and links on the HSF Facebook Wall page, but, the (unknown) Moderator of the HSF Wall page has FIRST warned me to send my ideas ONLY through the HSF-mail/BLACK-HOLE, then, he has BLOCKED my comment privileges!

But, before and after that, the HSF Moderator HASN'T BLOCKED the "propaganda guys" that posted LOTS of comments to support the Ares-1/5 or (try to imagine...) "Direct"... (from the homonymous LOBBY).

ALL the (7-8) "options" proposed by the HSFC's "experts" (but, which kind of "experts" are they, if not even able to know EXACTLY what is the right choice?) are WRONG and PRETTY SIMILAR, that since, the HSFC looks INFLUENCED by LOBBIES and, with their conclusions (like the "big delays" to 2019-2028) they seem want to demonstrate that NASA, contractors and, old/ companies, absolutely need MUCH MORE MONEY (maybe, also the $35 Bn to develop the Ares-1) if the USA President did not want to be the one that allowed NASA and USA, to be surpassed by China, Russia and India, in the new (commercial) "Moon-race" (that, however, could happen anyway...).

There are SEVERAL OTHER options that can be taken in consideration, to come back to the Moon (and/or to go to Mars) but the HSFC hasn't discussed or proposed them, while, they have discussed, and taken in consideration, old/wrong designs, like the Shuttle-C, crazy and expensive "orbital refuel" or the RESIZED-Ares-5 called "Direct"... (from the homonymous LOBBY) on which you can read more here.

In fact, it's NOT TRUE that $81 Bn in the next 10 years are "not enough" to accomplish ALL the ISS and Moon mission planned and it's NOT TRUE that, NASA "absolutely needs" three more billion$ per years to accomplish these missions.

Clearly, if NASA will receive more funds will be a very good news (hoping it will not BURN them like the $9 Bn spent in last 4 years for nearly nothing...) but, $81 Bn (or a slightly higher) budget could be enough, IF the right choices are made and no one further cent is burned in crazy and bad things!

My opinion is, that, nearly all things the HSF Commission is saying is (simply) NOT TRUE.

It's NOT TRUE that they have evaluated ALL possible options but just a few! ...and bad!

It's NOT TRUE that there are only 7-8 possible scenarios (despite they are too much for a report written by "experts"!) but many more! ...and better!

It's NOT TRUE that NASA must "KILL" and deorbit the $100+ Bn ISS in 2015 to have "enough money" for the Moon!

It's NOT TRUE that NASA needs $3 Bn extra funds per years, for Constellation (this level of funds is necessary only to continue the development of the over-expensive Ares-1) despite, more funds are good, if NOT "burned" with things like the Ares-1, Ares-5, SRB-5 and J-2X !!!

It's NOT TRUE that NASA could launch the Orion in orbit only in 2017-2019 (this is true only if they want to build and use the bad Ares-1).

It's NOT TRUE that NASA must slip the new Moon landing to 2028 since it's only an over exaggerated claim to convince the White House to give more funds to end develop and build the bad Ares-1 !!!

It's NOT TRUE that things like the RESIZED-Ares-5 called "Direct" or the old Shuttle-C or the bad, wrong, crazy and expensive "orbital refuels" are "viable options" to be considered!!! ...or, at least, not to be considered now, for the orbital refuel...

It's NOT TRUE that a Moon mission can be accomplished with today's very weak EELVs! ...surely, not a Moon mission with very heavy vehicles like Orion and Altair!

It's NOT TRUE that the "" industry can replace now the Shuttle or help soon NASA to go to the Moon, since, if they will be LUCKY the "" companies will be able to safely carry small cargo to the ISS within 4-6 years or launch a manned capsule to orbit not earlier than 6-8 years!

It's NOT TRUE that it's impossible or too expensive, to start develop a Mars mission now! ...despite, build, later, the full/real Mars hardware, should cost very much, of course.

It's really incredible that a commission made of ten "space experts" has worked over TWO months ...for NOTHING !!!

And it's really strange that, the HSF "commission of experts" hasn't evaluated also other "smart", "cheap" and "viable" options, like... the "SSTO", the "Space Solar Power", the "Lunar Helium-3 mining", the "Space Elevator" and the UFO-derived technology developed at the Area 51 base... :)

If Barack Obama (and the White House science teams) will consider the HSFC advices as "true", they will decide LOTS of very bad and wrong things!!!



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