Augustine Commission's "decisions machine" picture leaked
Seeptember 11, 2009

From the early days of work of the Augustine Commission, last june, I've written several articles with my suggestions, I've sent many emails to the HSF address (without receive just one answer or feedback from them) and posted dozens comments and replies on the HSF Committee's Facebook page until this "free" and "independent from lobbies" commission has allowed me to do that, then, after the end of the public meetings of the commission, I've published this ghostNASA article to explain my critic's view and my deep doubts about the "quality" of the commission's work and of the consequent results.

Finally, one week before the release of the HSF Commitee's summary report, I've (easily) predicted in this new ghostNASA article its (very modest and disappointing) contents (after THREE months of, nearly useless, "hard work") filled with eight (wrong) "options", but, no one, good, clear, unequivocal proposal or strategy.

Yesterday, I've emphasized my opinion (remarking the fact that, very probably, the big problems that NASA faces today, MAY HAVE NO EASY AND REAL SOLUTIONS!!) also in my article "One big problem, eight vague options, no solutions for NASA" published on the EE Times website.

And now, this Orlando Sentinel space blog's article, has reported yesterday about a Mike Griffin's email (that, "seems" he's sent to his "supporters" in Washington) with LOTS of critics (pretty similar to those I've written in my ghostNASA articles and in dozens posts on several space forum and blogs) about the Augustine Commission's work and its wrong proposals (despite, in my opinion, Mike Griffin still holds the world record of mistakes made, in less than four years, as NASA administrator).

Well, probably, you're curious to know in which way the TEN "experts" of the Augustine Commission have reached (after three months of "hard work"...) that truly "amazing" conclusion... well, I can reveal you a big secret... they've used a (special and hi-tech) "decisions machine" whose first image is leaked today and that I'm proud to show you here on my ghostNASA blog!!! :) :) :)


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