Why create NOW the .Space .Moon .Mars top-level domains
October 18, 2009

Despite today's NASA problems (that, I feel, the HSF Committee won't solve!) the future of the mankind surely IS to explore the Space, come back to the Moon (to live and work there) go to Mars (and beyond) and know everything about the Universe!

There are many plans and huge investments made or planned by NASA, Europe, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, "new.space" companies, etc. that will make the Space, the Moon (and, maybe, Mars) very crowded in the next decades... and, clearly, where there are humans there is or will be THE WEB, so, my proposal (addressed to the ICANN, to the governments and to all space agencies) is to create NOW and to use soon a set of TLDs (top-level domains) specific for the Space, the Moon and Mars.

As you can see from the big image below, my suggestion is to start now, creating of the three main TLDs for this purpose: .Space .Moon .Mars

Despite, the simplest way have a good diffusion of these TLDs, is to allow to register and use these domains ON EARTH, I hope that ICANN will allow to register the new domains on Earth (or in Space) BUT to use them ONLY from Space, Moon and Mars!!!

After all, already there's a space station in orbit and soon we will see new space stations launched by China, and/or new.space companies, while, just a decade later, we will have american and/or chinese and/or international outposts on the Moon.

The possible use of these new "space-based" TLDs are many, of which, just some, listed here: NASA.space --- NASA.moon -- NASA.mars -- ESA.space -- ESA.moon -- ESA.mars ISS.space -- Hubble.space --- Shenzhou.SS.space -- LSS1.moon --- Phobos.SS.mars -- MSS.mars -- LSS2.moon -- LSS3.moon --- ApolloLunarOutpost.moon - LunarRovers.moon Apollo11siteMuseum.moon -- TranquilitySeaCity.moon -- BigelowHotels.space -- etc... :)



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