Give me a free Space Shuttle!
January 24, 2010

As you can see in this blog and on my website, I have LOTS of very interesting, original and innovative ideas, mainly (but not only) about spacecrafts and spaceflights, but, the ideas already published on my website and blog are just a very little part of all my ideas.

Well, one of my ideas not yet published here, if adopted, could be able to solve (nearly) all NASA problems, since it can help NASA and USA to...

---- SAVE the US human spaceflight program that risks to be heavily delayed or die! ----

---- SAVE the US Space Agency from being humiliated also by emerging countries! ----

---- SAVE very much time and CUT the (current) US spaceflight GAP by 3-5 years! ----

---- SAVE great part of funds of the expected $35 billion Ares-1 "money burning"! ----

---- SAVE the Constellation and Moon programs from a long delay or a full closure! ----

---- SAVE great part of the 12,500 skilled jobs of the post-shuttle big layoffs plan! ----

Despite my idea could help to SAVE the NASA program and many jobs, the US pride and leadership in Space, the Constellation program, very much money and the american aerospace industry, I don't want a couple of trillion dollars, but ONLY one Space Shuttle (the FIRST to be retired) for FREE (including the transportation costs) and enough funds (a $30 million LOAN sent in advance to be paid back only in 2020 without costs nor any interests) to build in Italy (in my city) the 1st pavillon of an aerospace museum that will host and show the Space Shuttle and other original spacecrafts and model.

Of course, the Space Shuttle that NASA will give to my museum, must be original, up to date, with all the latest parts and instruments, the SSME engines, the canadarm, flight and EVA spacesuits, etc. WITHOUT any dumb or fake parts.

I'm aware that I've a very small chance to see my proposal accepted by NASA (and someone could think and say that I'm gone crazy!) but (to be clear) I will not reveal and publish, anyway, my idea (here or elsewhere) without have a free Space Shuttle for my aerospace museum and enough funds to build it.

However, assuming my proposal will be accepted, my idea will be not "sold" to NASA with exclusive, but published in this blog in full details, so, NASA, its contractors and the whole world, will see and evaluate it, then use it as they want without pay a cent more.

So "my price" is a $30M vehicle + a $30M loan ... too much??? Well, so far, NASA has burned $3 BILLION only to "add a 5th segment" to the SRB ... and $3 BILLION per year to launch the Space Shuttle ... and $4 BILLION for COTS and CRS ... $35 BILLION for the expected Ares-1 R&D costs, etc. so, compared with these stellar costs, "my price" is just like bread crumbs!!!

The "price" of my idea is less than 1% of the money burned by NASA to (only) add a 5th segment to the SRB but could also very probably MATCH the given NASA budget without need any large extra-funds (maybe) not even the extra $5.9 billion in the next 5 years to be given to NASA as "rumored" on the Press these days!!!


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