A comparison between Space Shuttle and "commercial space"
February 14, 2010

Here you can read a clear, detailed and objective comparison between the Space Shuttle program and the "commercial space" services that "should" replace the Shuttle program, so, if you REALLY want to SAVE the Space Shuttles fleet and (nearly) ALL the shuttle-related JOBS, centers and facilities, just review THIS article.

Clearly, both Space Shuttle and "commercial space" payload costs aren't so "cheap" and the ONLY WAY to SAVE very much time and money is to adopt MY IDEA proposed here.


::: ghostNASA ::: Space Shuttle "commercial space"
when will be available now

2012-2014 for cargo
2014-2016 for crew

years of spaceflight gap zero 2-4 years for "cargo gap"
4-6 years for "crew gap"
costs in 2011-2015 $15 billion $4.8 billion for COTS+CRS
$6 billion for crew program
costs of Soyuz seats zero up to $800 million
rely on Russia no yes for many years
number of flights up to 25 up to 20 for cargo
unknown for crew
cargo carried to the ISS up to 600 tons 40 tons max for COTS/CRS
astronauts carried to LEO up to 180 unknown/minimal
risks for the astronauts high unknown
cargo price $25 million per ton over $120 million per ton
astronauts seats price free (6-8 per mission)

$6 billion / seats ...so...
$200M x seat for 30 seats

orbital assembly yes no
orbital disassembly yes no
orbital repair yes no
robot arm yes no
carry big payloads yes no
carry new ISS modules yes no
airlock for EVA yes no
lands on runway yes no
use existing launch pads yes no
NASA employees layoffs NO 12,500
use existing hardware yes no
cargo return up to 600 tons minimal
Hubble repair yes no
big satellites launch yes no
military use yes minimal
lunar mission assembly possible impossible
mission lenght up to 16 days minimal
costs overrun no possible
programs delays no possible
NASA and USA prestige very high very low
programs failure no possible
test new technologies possible minimal


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