[update] Alan Boyle reports on CosmicLog about the third (and unexpected) impact of an unknown object on Jupiter happened in few months... the "third" impact "seen", to be exact, but, how many unknown objects hit Jupiter every year? And (most important) how many of them could hit our Planet, instead?

Black Holes in our Solar System?
July 23, 2010

Exactly one year ago, on July 23, 2009 the new Wide Field Camera 3 of the Hubble Space Telescope has captured the image of a rare Jupiter collision, probably caused by a comet or asteroid that crashed on Jupiter on July 19, but that, no one has seen coming BEFORE its impact with the planet.

Then, on May 14, 2010, Jupiter has lost a big belt (that, however, already vanished and reappeared in 1996) and, a few days later, on June 3, 2010, a second (and completely unexpected) impact has hit Jupiter, probably due to another small asteroid, again, not seen coming BEFORE by anyone.

Of course, the 99.9999% of probability is, that, these impacts, was caused by two, never observed before, small asteroids or comets, but... could, both these impacts, or just one of them (and the vanishing/collapse of the big Jupiter's belt) been caused by two very small (and, naturally, invisible) BLACK HOLES that have "lived" for millions years (or been created recently) in our Solar System or who came here from outer space, maybe, also with other, similar, objects, so far, not impacted with something else?

This is NOT a "theory", of course, but just a bold hypothesis, however, could it be real?

What do you think about that? Is it really happened last year or could happen someday?



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