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    #02:  don't have "fear" to adopt new ideas and innovative design ... GO

    #03:  throw away NOW in the garbage the 5 and 5.5 segments SRBs ... GO

    #04:  put the spacecrafts and spaceflights SAFETY as FIRST concern ... GO

    #05:  don't throw away the Shuttle's technology and know-how ... GO

    #06:  don't dismantle or modify or upgrade the Shuttle's launch pads ... GO

    #07:  scrap NOW the Ares-1 and Ares-5 before it's TOO LATE for ESAS ... GO

    #08:  resize the Orion to 4.5 meters and its crew to three astronauts ... GO

    #09:  absolutely avoid to adopt (for now) any kind of orbital refuel ... GO

    #10:  absolutely don't adopt the SERIOUSLY FLAWED "Direct" concept ... GO

    #11:  don't launch the Ares 1-X from KSC but from a DESERT place ... GO

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