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Ares-1 second stage MYSTERY
December 26, 2007

Nearly two months after my Ares-1 can't fly article no one have refuted my claims giving new data to explain why the Ares-1 "should" fly despite its design flaws... also, the Ares development continue following its main design track and some data (below in this page) has been released about its 2nd stage.

But, it's exactly the Ares-1 second stage that hides the biggest MYSTERY since it STILL has just ONE (less powered) J-2X engine while (both) payload and upperstages' mass are increased from the early CLV design.

As explained in my Ares-1 can't fly article (both) CLV and Ares-1 reach a similar SRB's separation altitude, have a similar upperstages' mass and burn a similar amount of 2nd stage propellent, but, while the CLV use a powerful SSME, the new Ares-1 will adopt a J-2X that has 43% LESS vacuum thrust and LESS vacuum Isp also the Orion is 1.5 mT "overweighted" and the latest LAS design is 2.3 mT heavier.

The problem of the "underpowered" 2nd stage engine could be easy to solve using TWO J-2X or resizing the J-2X to an SSME-class "superengine" (that I've proposed FIRST in my September 6, 2007 article and called "J-2Y") but the latest 2nd stage specs (below) STILL use ONE engine!

Just imagine that you have a CRANE (the CLV) with a 900 hp engine (the SSME) able to lift 182 mT max (the CLV upperstages' mass) then you increase that weight to 192 mT (the Ares-1 upperstages' mass) but, instead of increase (also) that crane's engine power to (e.g.) 1000 hp, you REDUCE its power to 500 hp or LESS, then, it will be like try to lift TWO times the weight with HALF the power, that's (clearly) absurd!!!

So, my question is: "how one J-2X can lift TWICE upperstage mass with HALF power?"

That's the "Ares-1 second stage MYSTERY" (I'll NEVER receive any answer to) but it's (also) one of the main reasons why the Ares-1 will NEVER fly!


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