The Orion's "Eiffel Tower" LAS
April 21, 2008

From latest NASA drawings of the Launch Abort System (LAS) it seems that the Orion's tower-LAS is going to be very big and heavy the Tour Eiffel... :)


That's why I suggest them (again) to adopt "something" like MY (simpler, smaller, safer, better and lighter) underside-LAS concept.

[update] Now that NASA has unveiled the real (very big) size of the Orion's tower-LAS it's 1,000,000 OF TIMES MUCH CLEAR that MY underside-LAS concept is VERY VERY MUCH SMALLER and LIGHTER (then BETTER and SAFER) than any tower-LAS design!!!

And, since "one image worth 1000 words", I update my article with a (NASA tower-LAS vs. MY underside-LAS) image comparison that clearly shows how much better it is!!!

It's still unclear WHY did NASA wants to launch so much "dead weight" with its Orion!!!

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